mediatronix develops a Software Defined Radio platform using Qt/C++. The raw radio samples are supplied by a front-end FPGA based module which is connected to the PC by USB. The actual SDR processing is performed on the PC. The front-end module can be fitted with an appropriate RF front-end for the required RF funtionality.


mediatronix develops, and consults in the development of, FPGA based embedded systems. We specialize in DSP and SDR techniques, and USB and PCIexpress high-speed busses. The USBMediator platform combines USB, FPGA, DSP and RF into a small but powerful development system for Software Defined Radio applications


mediatronix participates in the MyriaNed WSN project. MyriaNed is a wireless sensor network (WSN) platform originally developed by DevLab. It uses an epidemic communication style based on standard radio broadcasting. This approach reflects the way humans interact, which is called gossiping. Messages are sent periodically and received by adjoining neighbours. Each message is repeated and duplicated towards all nodes that span the network, it spreads like a virus.